Nick "Pixel Prof" Jushchyshyn

Computer Graphics
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Motion Capture


Hello there.... I'm Nick Jushchyshyn, Associate Professor in Drexel University's Digital Media Department at the Westphal College of Media Art & Design, where I am Director for the Bachelor's in Science Program in Digital Media & Virtual Production.

Background & Experience

Early Career

Prior to becoming a college professor, I enjoyed a 20+ year industry career that included years of work in professional visual effects for feature films, episodic productions, advertising and other commercial produtions. Some credits listed on


I joined Drexel University in 2012, running the Animation & VFX program for 6 years before launching a dedicated bachelors program in Digital Media & Virtual Production in 2018.

Unreal Engine

For the past half-decade, much of what I do involves using Unreal Engine, including two Unreal Engine Fellowship Programs and collaborations with Epic as a contracted instructor for special programs including the "Writing in Unreal" program run in collaboration with the Tribeca Film Festival

Animation & VFX

My time in the VFX Industry included stints at Digital Domain, DIVE, and independent studios, using tools including Maya, Nuke/Shake/After Effects, MotionBuilder and Python Scripting.

Motion Capture

I begain working with motion capture in the early/mid-2000's, using MotionBuilder to clean motion capture data. Today, experience includes full configuration and setup of Vicon and Optitrack systems, as well as data cleanup and retargeting using MotionBuilder, and now, Unreal Engine 5, with over 10 years of experience teaching these workflows at the college/university level.

Virtual Production

I was first introduced to Virtual Production in 2012/2013 when working with graduate students researching this technology space. For the past five years, this has been a primary area of focus for me, combining my experience and expertise in motion capture and 3D computer graphics technologies to produce narrative and interactive content in projects using live and post-production pipelines.


I am available for teaching/training, cosulting, speaking and production engagements. This can be arranged directly by contacting me using the info listed on my Westphal College Bio Page...